Paul Leininger (Expert)

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Paul Leininger (Expert)

Name: Paul Leininger
AZOT Class Expert
Bike Brand & #

Kawasaki #632

Years Riding MX 28 years
Favorite Track of All Time Rupert Idaho and Huntington Utah
Favorite Local Track Motoland: I like the atmosphere and the owners put a lot of effort into getting to know all the regular people that show up to the track every weekend.
Other Family Racers My wife, McKalie Leininger
Years With AZOT 2 years
Like Most About AZOT The camaraderie and riding/racing with people who have the same goals. It's great when I survive a day.
Motocross Goals To continue improving the riding techniques and my skills.
Favorite Motocross Pro Old school rider is David Bailey, and current rider is Eli Tomac.
Other Hobbies Golfing, riding pit bikes, riding horses (help taking care of my wife's horse), raising my mini farm of animals, working on trucks and cars, hunting, anything that gives me a little shot of adrenaline count me in.

Paul was 3 when he first started riding a motorcycle and then he started racing motocross when he was 8 years old. His Dad & Brother were racing motocross at the time so Paul of course, wanted to follow in their footsteps.

What he enjoys most about motocross is the freedom that he feels when it’s just him & the dirt bike. All of his work & life circumstances disappear from his mind.

Paul picked the bike #632 because it included all the numbers that he played in other sports. He was #6 when he played football, he was #3 when he played basketball & he was #2 while playing baseball.

He & his wife were looking on-line for a Motocross club to join when he found AZOT. The first event they attended was a “Ride Day” at Mike Corral’s place and they both had a great experience, so they joined.

The only OT International race he has ridden in was the recent AZOT International race at Glen Helen. The thing he liked the most about the race weekend was how we all camped in a big circle. We were all 1 big family.

When I asked Paul how competitive he is when it comes to racing motocross, he said he was a 9 because everyone that races motocross is competitive, but he really enjoys winning!

Paul also thinks it pretty awesome that his wife gets out there and races too.

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