2022 International Race Program

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2022 International Race Program

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Event Program


The Arizona Old Timers MX club is proud to bring you our 20th annual IOTMX race for 2022.  It promises to be full weekend of racing and fantastic southwestern weather!  The Arizona Old Timers would like to thank you for making the trip to the great southwest. Without you and others like you, this race would not happen! Enjoy yourself, have fun and be SAFE!

Inside this program you will find everything you need to know about our event, including the practice and race schedule and of course, the dinner. Look for the Sign-up booth close to the tower for registration and the latest updated race information.   Be sure to check the Results Board to see the list of Club Rep’s as well as some important International Rule updates! 

Saturday   Dinner this year will be provided by Phat Cheeks Grill. Their catering truck will be available from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Just bring your meal ticket (and cash or credit card for extra dinners) and choose your dinner, which will be individually served to help maintain COVID guidelines. Their full menu will also be available for purchase so there is no need to purchase extra dinner tickets.   A public announcement will be made to insure all diners are made aware of the dinner status.

Saturday’s after dinner raffle will occur once again at the tent area behind the bleachers. We are encouraging you to bring your own chair and to socially distance from the other participants. It is not required for you to be physically present at the raffle to win a prize. Winning numbers will be posted on Sunday for prize presentation.

Some Covid-19 Virus reminders:

  • We are outdoors, but please remember to give everyone space (at least 6 foot if possible).
  • Please wear a mask when entering into enclosed spaces.
  • Wash your hands often.

Remember, for most us, there are 5 moto’s this weekend. Have fun, but more importantly, ride within your limits and return home safely.  Don’t forget, you are in the desert and you need to stay hydrated.  

We have several companies that are providing support for our event. We all have favorite places to buy parts and supplies but we encourage you to share the love with some of your purchases. This will help keep all the companies that support the sport in a position to continue helping us to have great events in the future! Please visit our sponsors and even if you don’t purchase anything please consider writing them a quick email saying “thank you for supporting our sport”.

Again, Thank You for choosing to race with us, we hope you have a very memorable time and return home with nothing but good memories and sore muscles!

AZOT Board Members:     Michael Faso – President, Larry Thurman - Vice President, Carl Smith - Race Director, John Dolan - Treasurer, Katherine Faso - Secretary

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Arizona Old Timers’ International Race
General information
Saturday, Feb 26 and Sunday, Feb 27, 2021

Track announcements radio frequency: 89.1 FM

Credit card transactions are accepted on-line or at the track (Visa, Master Card, etc.) with an additional $5 processing fee.

Friday registration 2:30 - 6:00 pm; Saturday registration opens 6:30 am

Gate charge for the race weekend is $20 per person. Single day passes are available for a $10 fee.  No refunds.

Free camping (Wed.-Sat.). Please note: No camping allowed on Sunday night. 

Open Practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2:00 – 9:00 pm for $40 per session

MX services, parts, gear – just a few of the closer shops:

MotoCity, at W. Anthem Way www.azmotocity.com  623-777-1626
The Pit Enterprise - https:/thepitenterprises.com  602 923-0677
Pro Motorsports   www.promotorsportsaz.com   623-581-7353
Screwie Lewies   www.screwielewies.com   623-869-7433
AEO Powersports   www.aeopowersports.com   623-561-1247
Cycle Gear www.cyclegear.com  602-971-1630 Cave Creek Rd


Wild Horse West – burger bar, corner of N. Lake Pleasant Pkwy & W. Carefree Highway (near track)
In-N-Out Burger, McDonalds at I-17 and W. Carefree Hwy
Anthem - multiple: 14 miles north on I-17 at W Anthem Way exit 
Phoenix - multiple: 15-16 miles south on I-17 at Happy Valley Rd & W. Pinnacle Peak Rd

You can make it a Winter Reprieve – Stay and Play: additional tracks for practice on other weekends:  

ACP Motocross, Buckeye: 25848 South 279th Ave., Buckeye, AZ - 623.853.0750 - www.arizonacyclepark.com
Motoland, Casa Grande: 6734 Sisler Rd., Casa Grande, AZ - 520.421.1716 - on Facebook


Some local amenities (Mostly located near I-17 & the Carefree Hwy): 

Chevron Gas, Bank of America; Chase Bank; Home Depot; Bed Bath and Beyond; Kohl’s.  
Food:  Pizza Hut;  Chili’s Grill & Bar;  In-N-Out;  Taco Bell;  McDonalds; Desert Donuts;  Albertsons Grocery Store.

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Some Important Rules and Procedures to know and follow: 

  • All dogs must be on a leash. Please note: You will be held liable if your dog harms a person or another dog.
  • Please use the provided garbage receptacles to keep the park clean
  • Please, no generators after 10pm
  • Please contact your club representative for any concern or complaint
  • Protests may only be lodged by riders in the same moto and must be lodged with the rider’s chapter representative in writing, within 60 minutes after results are posted for the Moto in question.
  • Do not bother the scorekeepers on race days.
  • If a rider leaves the track during a moto, they must safely re-enter the track as close to the point of exit as possible and without improvement of position. Always check the Results Board for the latest posting of important rules and changes. 
  • Changing motorcycles during a moto will be cause for finishing last in the moto. The Scorekeeper (the person doing the lap scores/sheet results) must be notified of plate number changes when changing motorcycles during the race event. This notification must be done prior to the moto where the different number is used. Failure to notify the Scorekeeper will result in finishing last in the moto.
  • When a yellow flag is displayed, there is no passing or jumping between the flag and the incident that caused the yellow flag.
  • Decisions made by the presiding Riding Committee are final.
  • Track watering is never popular here in Arizona. Every effort will be made to not water prior to a moto in the rotation that was previously affected. A safety sighting lap will be offered after each track watering.


Abusive language or aggressive conduct toward race officials, scorers, volunteers or other racers will not be tolerated. Racers engaging in this type of behavior are subject to ejection from the event, their entry fees will not be refunded, and they will forfeit their points.

Number Plates must have Proper Backgrounds


Black with White Numbers


White with Black Numbers


Yellow with Black Numbers


Green with White Numbers

One time - single event riders will be allowed to use a strip of appropriate colored tape applied horizontally above and below the number.  Riders with the wrong-colored number plates will not receive international points.

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Event Schedule   

Thursday, Feb. 24th

2:00pm - 9:00pm

Gates Open - Free camping Thursday Night! (Please no generators after 10pm)

Friday , Feb. 25th


Gates Open- free camping

2:30pm - 6:00pm


2:00pm - 9:00pm

Open Practice ($40 Track Fee)

4:00pm - 4:30pm

Riding committee formation / Track Inspection


Gates Close (Please no generators after 10pm)

Saturday, Feb. 26


Gates Open- free camping

6:30am - 8:30am



Vet and OT Practice


Opening Ceremonies and Riders Meeting


Racing Starts

After First Round of Moto’s

International Representative Meeting – Mandatory for Reps! Support Practice 

5:00pm - 7:00pm



Gates Close 


Quiet Time (Please no generators after 10pm)

Sunday, Feb. 27   Check Results Board for Changes!!!


Gates Open


Vet and OT Practice

8:00am - 9:00am

Registration for Support Classes


Riders Meeting - Some Schedule Changes are Posted!!


Racing Begins

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Practice Schedule – Same both days

Practice 1 30 Vet & Open to all 10 minutes
Practice 2 40/50 Master & 40/50 Expert 15 minutes
Practice 3 40/50 Intermediates 10 minutes
Practice 4 All 60/70/75+/80+ 10 minutes
Practice 5 40/50 Novice 10 minutes
Practice 6 Late Practice 2 Laps
Support Class Practice will be after first round of Moto’s

Moto’s or Gates May be Combined Depending on Registration


Moto 1 - 3 rounds – 15 min 60 Master, 70 Master, 60 Expert
Moto 2 – 3 rounds – 15 min 60 Intermediate
Moto 3 – 2 rounds – 15 min 70 Expert, 70 Intermediate (Gate 1)
60 Novice, 70 Novice, 75+, 80+ (Gate 2)
Moto 4 -  3 rounds – 15 min 40 Novice (Gate 1)
(will be Moto 7 on Sunday) 50 Novice (Gate 2)
Moto 5 – 3 rounds – 18 min 50 Expert (Gate 1)
40 Intermediate (Gate 2)
Moto 6 – 3 rounds – 16 min 50 Intermediate
Moto 7 – 3 rounds – 20 min 40 Master, 50 Master (Gate 1)
(will be Moto 4 on Sunday) 40 Expert (Gate 2)
Moto 8 – 3 rounds – 15 min 30+ Vet Expert (Gate 1)
30+ Vet Novice and Intermediate (Gate 2)
 Support Practice after round 1 10 minutes
Moto 9 - Support Moto’s after round 2 – Moto length and gates depend on registration.

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Moto 1 - 2 rounds – 15 min 60 Master, 70 Master, 60 Expert
Moto 2 – 2 rounds – 15 min 60 Intermediate
Moto 3 – 2 rounds – 15 min 70 Expert, 70 Intermediate (Gate 1)
60 Novice, 70 Novice, 75+, 80+ (Gate 2)
Moto 4 -  2 rounds – 22 min 40 Master, 50 Master (Gate 1)
40 Expert (Gate 2)
Moto 5 – 2 rounds – 18 min 50 Expert (Gate 1)
40 Intermediate (Gate 2)
Moto 6 – 2 rounds – 16 min 50 Intermediate
Moto 7 – 2 rounds – 15 min 40 Novice (Gate 1)
50 Novice (Gate 2)
Moto 8 – 2 rounds – 15 min 30+ Vet Expert (Gate 1)
30+ Vet Novice and Intermediate (Gate 2)
Moto 9 - Support Moto's after round 1 Moto length and gates depend on registration.
Moto 9 - Support Moto’s after round 2 – Moto length and gates depend on registration.


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2022 Event Sponsors

AZOT MX would like to thank our Members, Family and friends who continually come out and allow us to hold this event!  And a very special “Thank You” to Appreciation Financial and the Kennedy’s for providing the tents, chairs and tables again this year!

The following are some of the local businesses supporting our sport!