2022 Awards

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2022 Awards

Awards for 2022 Fall Series and Top 10 for 2022

Awards Day on February 5, 2023 was celebrated with pizza, wings and fun camaraderie at Barro’s.  Photos of the winners who were present to get their Class Winner awards – happy faces!!

Master:  Shane Criswell – 1st place

Expert:  Kurk Quinn – 1st place; Jeff Neil – 3rd place  

Intermediate:  William Stevens – 3rd place

Novice:  Scott McBrien – 1st place; Gary Kritcher – 2nd place

Jackets were awarded to the Top Ten Points finishers for 2022

1st place with 474 points – Shane Criswell

2nd place with 418 points – Kurk Quinn

6th place with 274 points – Mike Faso

7th place with 266 points – Jeff Neil

8th place with 265 points – Gary Kritcher

9th place with 259 points – Richard Levy

One more award – the 2022 International Race Series Championship jackets for first place in each class:

1st place for 70+ Intermediate – Gary Kritcher

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