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Do you like to ride and race motocross? Do you like the comradery of hanging out at the track with like minded people? Do you hate practicing early & in the mud? Well so do we!! We are the Arizona Oldtimers MX Club (Int’l Vet MX). Did you know we have our own practices at the races? They are one of the last practices….so the track isn’t as muddy and there aren’t as many riders on the track. We also have our own motos, usually divided into novice/intermediate and then expert/master. We have a year end banquet where we hand...

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ACP on Saturday, January 15: We had 39 AZOT racers for the second race of our Spring Series. Race 4’s full gate had 21 Intermediate and 5 Novice; then Race 18’s gate was 7 Master and 6 Expert. So when’s the last time you saw 21 Intermediate or 7 Master on the gate … years ago? Take a look at that photo of the practice line – wow!! The huge gate of 21 Intermediate racers included new guys Troy Lang #61m and Brian Kahn #722 from Tucson; David Donlon #333 from Mesa, and Bob Hooker #56 who moved from Oregon to...

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Canyon on Sunday, January 9: Total of 27 racers:  4 Master, 6 Expert, 10 Intermediate and 7 Novice.   It was an exciting, competitive launch of the Spring Series.  The typical 8th practice for AZOT gave riders a close-up view of Mother Nature’s gift – a pond created by the welcomed rain.  It meant they had to cut back on the long sand section at the bottom, resulting in a slightly faster lap time for all.  They did a great job of prepping the track after all of the rain and inevitable mud.    It was disappointing to find David Kennedy as...

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