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2022 Spring Awards Event

Another bunch of winners – and happy faces when they saw their trophies!  They all worked hard for their pay-off!  

A  good time was had by all who showed up at Chuck and Kelly Johnson’s home for the Spring Awards Event.  Thanks for hosting us!!  


Jasmine Phillips and Teresa Stewart put in countless hours to make it a very special event.  A big “thank you” to our new Events and Awards Team.    Their hard work paid off … coolers of iced beverages, EZ-Ups and plenty of tables and chairs made for the shaded bench-racing activity.  

The sparkling, inviting pool was so enticing that the  little “fish girls” did not resist for long.  They didn’t wait for Kelly’s after awards “everyone in the pool” call.   Kids aren’t shy when it comes to having fun.    

A tasty lunch of tacos and fixin’s hit the spot – along with a counter full of delicious desserts to be enjoyed all afternoon. Thanks to everyone who brought a dessert to share.  


Look at those customized trophies!   Each one with their own action-photo from our races.   But no one was accused of being a “poser”.  

Zoom in and you can see the quality photos that captured some unique track skills.   Best awards ever!

 Then the eagerly awaited awards presentations … and surprised grins when they saw their picture on their own award. Nice touch!! 

Next up – the raffle.  Plenty of useful MX items, AND then a bike stand, a fuel jug and a huge, top-notch gear bag.  More great results from T and Jasmine’s trooping around getting prizes.  


It was a fun and relaxing afternoon to celebrate the friendships and competition –  hand-in-hand at AZOT.  Hurry up Fall Series!!  

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