2023 Membership Renewals

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2023 Membership Renewals

It's that time of year again to renew your membership with the AZOT Club!

In order to renew, please visit our Membership Application form, fill it out, submit it and make sure to pay the fees. Memberships are not complete until they've been paid for - either online via credit card, in person, or mailed out. Memberships cost $35 per rider and per number. 

Remember, your last year number is not confirmed and not yours until you've officially signed up and paid. If someone else happens to sign up with your number, you will have to use an alternative. Also, remember you cannot sign up with numbers 1 through 10 as these are earned. You can verify what numbers are taken by visiting our 2023 Roster

We look forward to riding and racing with all of our club members in 2023! We wish Happy Holidays to everyone!


  • AZOT

    Hi Eric,
    It looks like #33 is still available! As long as someone else doesn’t have it on our Roster page, then you are free to use that number. Otherwise, if it is assigned to someone else, you can always add a letter to the end.

  • Eric Mckenna

    Interested in signing up in the Az club, would like to find out if I could be issued #33 for a number as I have used this number in another club since 1989.
    Thanks, Eric

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