Online Pre-Registration for ACP Races

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Online Pre-Registration for ACP Races

Arizona Cycle Park has taken measures to make it easier on us and all racers that sign up for their races by providing on online method to pre-register before you even get to the track. Starting next race, 10/16/2021, ACP is going to open up a 3rd window that is strictly for online pre-registrants only.

By doing so, you aren't only going to save time in the morning before the races by avoiding the lines, but you're also going to help the ACP team get the races started and going quicker so we can enjoy the day and get home reasonably.

If you are looking to pre-register for any ACP race online, navigate to their website at, locate the race(s) that you're looking to register for on the homepage (in this case it would be SMX series) and click to open, and you should land on a page that shows the dates of the series races along with a red Sign Up Now button to sign up for the specified race.

You can also navigate directly to the registration page here.

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