Race Recap - Fall Series #5 - Canyon

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Race Recap - Fall Series #5 - Canyon

Fourth Race in the Fall 2022 Series  -  10-30-22 at Canyon

Trick or Treat time – and both were happening on Sunday.  There’ll be a rematch next weekend at Canyon and for those who couldn’t make the race on the 30th.  Sad to say, but we only have two more opportunities to race the Canyon track … after all these years it’s being closed at the end of 2022.  So many years of great memories on that track! 

Race 3  -  The word of the day seemed to be “new” or “different” for the Master class.  Rick Arnold #97 showed up with a new 4-stroke GasGas and he quickly got comfortable with the amazing power - didn’t seem to miss the usual screaming two-stroke.  David O’riordan was right beside him on #103 instead of #310 … hmmm… going incognito for Halloween?  David’s patriotic gear was so easy to spot as he shot out on the start for first place, with Rick right on his back tire.  Another fast, exciting race with Rick working that new 4-stroke to get into first place and keep it to the checkered. 

The Masters and Experts opted for a one-gate start so it gave the Experts an opportunity to hang with the fast guys for a while – a treat for sure!  Trey Lang #61m  kept the Masters in striking range for a while, with Kurk Quinn #52, Daniel Fleming #73, Dave Fouquette #137 and David Kennedy #270 on his tail.  Having Masters in sight looked like a real motivator for the Experts.  Lang kept the lead for Experts until Quinn pulled his trick of pushing into 1st place so he could maintain his winning streak.  It was great to see David Kennedy back on the #270 and all healed up after missing months of racing. Unfortunately, the “tricky” track bit him hard and he couldn’t finish the moto.  Thinking of you David – hope you recover quickly and we’ll see you next weekend, even if it’s spectator-time for you.  The five ultra-quick laps ended with Quinn, Lang, Fouquette and Fleming for the finish.  Fun show, guys! 

Race 6  -  It was a repeat game plan for Intermediates Bo Speichert #219 and Travis Nelson #111v, but they were missing the third of their trio -  Brian Perry, Sr was MIA.  It was a fun start for Speichert, Pam Edgerton #129 and Steve Somerville #41s, surprising Tim Kennedy #251 and Nelson.  Pam showed up from Colorado in her new ride, with custom graphics.  Edgerton, Kennedy and Somerville managed  some quick recoveries in the challenging corners.  Speichert and Nelson were a close battle, with Speichert in front thru the back straight and Nelson working to close in on him.  After a few laps, Nelson managed to squeak by Speichert but it remained a close battle to the finish.  Edgerton, Somerville and Kennedy had some trading of positions and finish was Nelson, Speichert, Edgerton, Somerville and Kennedy.  Whew – race 1 down!    

Drew Castro #433 and Scott Mcbrien #679 gave Novice Richard Levy #00 a run for his money as he and Gary Kritcher #48 did a side by side start.  The trick came when entering the main track and navigating the challenging corners.  Mcbrien set a fast pace for 1st place, chased by Castro and the quickly closing in Levy.  It took a few laps before Castro got out in front.  The challenging track caused a few bobbles, and classes closing together.  Finish for Novice was Castro, Mcbrien, Levy and Kritcher. 

In the pits it was definitely  “dirt talk” after Moto 1 – not to be confused with dirty talk.  You heard “ruts, ruts, ruts” and comparisons to Indiana dirt, Colorado dirt, Ohio dirt, Michigan dirt, you get the picture. 

Then came pumpkin race time – amazing how all ages of racers were able to keep that pumpkin in their lap to the finish.  But there were also a few rollers and jumpers among the big orange passengers.  As to costumes, we saw many outstanding and creative costumes worn by all ages.  Check out the photos to enjoy the obvious fun … and a surprising unidentified visitor. 

Second moto – Race 3 saw track conditions changed, as expected, with solid traction but still plenty of challenging sections.   One gate start meant another opportunity for Experts to watch up close the Masters’ techniques and skills, while riding together.  It was another Arnold – O’riordan finish.  The Expert’s start was tightly packed, some switches and then a few unexpected moves and challenges.  The checkered saw Quinn, Fouquette, Fleming and Lang  high-fiving another great race.   

Race 6 for Intermediate and Novice had some different results in the Intermediate class.  Speichert was determined to get a 1st and overall – mission accomplished - but Nelson pushed him to the max.  Another exciting race with the finish not determined until the checkered flag.  Same moto – Edgerton and Kennedy put on a good show, especially the corner going into the front straight!  Final for Intermediate – Speichert, Nelson, Edgerton, Kennedy and Somerville. 

Novice race also had a fast start, some position changes and end result the same finish – Castro, Mcbrien, Levy and Kritcher.  All crossing to the finish with no “down time”. 

Can’t change habits – Race 11 had Rick Arnold (double classing) and member Rick Nagy competing in the Vet Master Race 11.  By the end of the day, Arnold had a strong relationship with that new bike. 

Almost half way thru the Fall Series – calling all racers for Race 5 at Canyon on Sunday, November 6.  Check out the website to see your standings for Top 10 for 2022.  There’s still plenty of races for you to get points to qualify!

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