Race Recap - Fall Series #5 - Canyon MX

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Race Recap - Fall Series #5 - Canyon MX

Canyon MX - Sunday, November 7:

A total of 20 racers showed up – 3 Master, 3 Expert, 7 Intermediate and 7 Novice. Race 4 was AZOT Novice & Intermediate … Intermediates saw David Kennedy take another first and a smiling Jasmine Phillips took second after some close battles. Cody Perry (Dave’s usual toughest competition) had a serious brake problem in the second moto – and did what he called a “BK” … he can explain. For the Novice, it was another rabbit start and intense race for the duo of Brian Perry Sr. and Tim Wilson, finishing 1st and 2nd. The next trio of Gary Kritcher, Steve Richardson and Mike Faso had some close position switches before the checkered flag and high-fives. Welcome to new member Mark Hammons – he managed well on his first experience with the big track at Canyon.

Race 9 had Master David O’Riordan taking first from Tee Stefaniak and Brian Sharp in the first moto, but then being nosed out by Tee in the second moto for the overall win. It was not Brian Sharp’s best day … but there’s always another race … ACP? It was an exciting show with Expert new member Shane Criswell working his way to the front of Daniel Kennedy and Brian Perry, Jr, and then become a challenger to Tee. The side-by-side antics of Tee and Shane over the jumps in the front straight was so impressive, the announcer called it “the most exciting race of the day”.

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