Race Recap - Fall Series #6 - ACP

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Race Recap - Fall Series #6 - ACP

Then came the double-header racing weekend!
ACP - Saturday, Nov 13:

Race 6 had all classes running together – 20 racers total: 3 Master, 2 Experts, 12 Intermediate and 3 Novice. Kudos to the Intermediates – strong participation numbers!

We had some energetic guys double-classing: Scott Bergstrom, Kurk Quinn, Eric Maas and, of course, Brian Sharp. Consistent show of experience over youth! No surprise, Brian Sharp – aka Ironman – ran 4 races … yep, that’s 8 motos!! And finished first in 3 out of four!

In our Master competition, Ryan Pedigo took the win in moto 1. He continued with leading in moto 2 after a 2nd lap pass on Brian, however, a slip up on the last lap allowed Brian to take home the win and besting Ryan Pedigo and Tee Stefaniak. But in Brian’s next to last moto, his too-long-jump before the turn at the finish stopped a few hearts – mainly Brian’s. He somehow railed the berm enough to avoid a surprise landing in the scoring booth! Expert Darren Sebastiani took home a first place trophy and enjoyed his return to home track after the World Vet last week.

Intermediate’s saw Cody Perry (with new brakes on bike) take a first over David Kennedy, and a happy Jasmine Phillips in third – and that was the winning Class-Place Raffle spot. Lots of close racing with the big 12-racer class and plenty of exciting passing! No surprise – Brian Perry, Sr. took first in Novice, over David Brown and John Dolan.

A big welcome to new members Scott Bergstrom and Kurk Quinn; and glad to see Travis Nelson back for his second race. Also good to have David Brown and Jerry Smith back to race with the club.

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