Race Recap - Fall Series #6 - Canyon

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Race Recap - Fall Series #6 - Canyon

5 Down - 5 To Go: Canyon on Sunday, November 6

Since the wild November monsoon forced Race 3 at Motoland to be rescheduled for November 13, the Round 6 race became our half-way point. Fall Series – half way finished.

Checking the website for both the Fall Series points and the Top Ten for 2022 – there’s still a lot of room for drastic changes. Five more opportunities to snag some solid points (especially if there’s a low turn-out… hmmm) anything can happen for both Series and Top Ten finishers. With impacts of broken bones, broken bikes, competing travel, slower than expected healing – who knows??

Race 3: Intermediate – Another perfect attendance of 5 races in a row went to Bo Speichert #219 and building his top points for the Fall Series. Bo cruised to yet another 1st place (his third time), but missing the competition of his usual sparring partners. William Stevens #860 finished 2nd and was looking confident in his third race of the series. Larry Thurman #130 joined the Intermediates after a quick recovery from a rib souvenir at race in Cali a few weeks back. These guys were 1 – 2 – 3 for both motos.

Novice - Drew Castro # 433 and Scott Mcbrien #679 were a tight competitive duo. Mcbrien has perfect attendance – he’s made all five races and has racked up top points for the Fall Series. It was a Castro 1st and Mcbrien 2nd both motos. First race in the Series for Michael Corral #283 and he enjoyed a back and forth battle with Gary Kritcher #48. We heard a little grumbling about getting roosted (welcome to the Fall series). Kritcher bested Corral in the first moto, but Corral was determined and finished ahead of Kritcher in the 2nd moto. Tim Rollins rode a solid third place in the first moto only and showed off some nice air on the front straights.

Race 6: Masters race was Rick Arnold #97, David O’riordan #310 and Shane Criswell #382 in the starts. Par for the course, the Masters put on a show of tough competition, smooth jumping and solid endurance. Criswell got past O’riordan but Arnold held first place … same finish both motos. End of the race, Criswell held top spot for Fall Series by 3 points.

Experts – Jeff Neil #40 bid farewell to Canada’s winter and welcomed his return to warm country by jumping into the lead in the first moto. In pursuit was Kurk Quinn #52, Alberto Toscano #117 and Bryan Bartlett #311. Quinn was determined to add another 1st place to his points and got by Neil, with Toscano staying right on Quinn. Good to see Bartlett’s Suzuki back on the track –the yellow of Toscano and O’riordan made it the dominant color for Race 6. Second moto, it was Toscano clearly out in front and holding the lead. Quinn kept pushing to meet Toscano’s increased speed and distance jumping, finally getting past him in the second corner just before the finish. What a battle!

Five races to go … and no more hot weather … yahoo!

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