Race Recap - Fall Series #7 & #3 (Postponed)

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Race Recap - Fall Series #7 & #3 (Postponed)


ACP’s Line-up Ready on Saturday, 11th of November

Another ideal weather day and 17 AZOT racers showed up to capture some points and have some fun. Some of the brave souls signed up to double-triple-quadruple other classes for some fun self-abuse. Hmmm, now who could we be talking about?

First gate of Race 10 had Masters Shane Criswell #382 and Brian Sharp #54, along with Experts Troy Lang #61m, Kurk Quinn #52, Alberto Toscano #117, Jeff Neil #40, Eric Maass #520 and Victor Stoeckmann #767 launch off the gate together.

It was another determined-to-win Criswell taking both motos over Brian Sharp. More later about what Sharp was doing with his saved energy. Expert class had some tough battles, with back and forth between Lang, Quinn and Toscano – they ended up 1 – 2 – 3 in both motos. It was Maass/Neil first moto, then switching places second moto for a final finish of Neil, Maas, Stoeckmann. It was Stoeckmann’s second race with AZOT and some tough competition as a welcome return.

Second gate of Intermediates William Stevens #860, Rick Lambrecht #39, Travis Nelson #111v, Mike Jones #76, Steve Somerville #41s, Tim Kennedy #251 and Dave Kennedy #135 filling out the largest class, along with Novice Michael Corral #283 and Scott Mcbrien #679 in Novice. Lots of swapping positions with first moto being Stevens, Lambrecht, Jones, Tim Kennedy, Somerville and Nelson at the finish. Second moto Nelson was ready to fight his way back in his preferred front spot, closely chased by Stevens, Lambrecht, Jones, Somerville and Kennedy. It's always good to see Dave Kennedy back on the track and prepared to DNF when it’s the best decision.

Scott Mcbrien enjoyed his 5th AZOT race in a row, with good sportsmanship while besting Michael Corral both motos.

Now a little about getting your gate-fee’s worth. No surprise, Brian Sharp also raced the Vet 25+ Open, yes we said 25+, as well as Vet 40+ Expert, Vet 50+ Expert and 60+ Open (where he took 1st place). Looks like the injuries of last season are a distant memory. His close competitor, Rick Nagle, pushed him in both the Vet 50+ Expert and Vet 60+ Open, taking first moto from Brian in the 60+ tight battle. But, ah, good ol’ second-moto got the points for Brian! Another triple-classer was Sadim Boyd who also raced Vet 30+ Novice and 40+ Novice, finishing in respectful mid-pack with the youngsters. Back to the Vet 50+ Expert race, Troy Lang used that one as a tough warm-up, placing 2nd overall, joined by Eric Maass coming in 5th and Victor Stoeckmann in 6th in this big, hard-fighting class. Whew – that’s 11 additional races for these guys, besides their AZOT races. Quantity AND Quality!

After some tough challenges for the AZOT races, and a stream of other classes survived, who’s gonna be at Motoland in the morning?


First AZOT Race at Motoland – Sunday, November 12

Surprise – none of these guys had the “glutten for punishment” look on their faces as they showed up for more fun on Sunday morning. It clearly wasn’t punishment. All four AZOT classes were in the gate for Race 9, eager to test out the new Motoland track.

Master class was Brian Sharp #54 and Shane Criswell #382 for their second day of racing, while the Expert class also had three gung-ho returns - Jeff Neil #40, Kurk Quinn #52 and Troy Lang #61m. The track had developed some unique lines, making for a tight two-gate start for all four classes. With a small Master and Expert class, it was an open-door opportunity for a fresh 1st gate mix of Expert and Master, with some Experts enjoyed a little out-front time. New track for all, so it was explore, figure out the jumps, and a final result of 1 – 2 Criswell / Sharp. Final for Experts was Quinn, Neil, Lang, who had a meet-the-dirt episode in moto one, thus skipping moto 2.

Second gate had four returns - Steve Somerville #41s, Travis Nelson #111v, Tim Kennedy #251 and William Stevens #860, along with fresh-blood Novice trio of Dave Kennedy #135, Gary Kritcher #48k and Mike Faso back on his trusty #514. Intermediate final results was 1 – 2 for Nelson and Stevens, while Somerville and Kennedy swapped their 3 – 4’s. Novice had Faso enjoying a 1st place finish ahead of Kennedy and Kritcher in moto 1, but then in moto 2 his bike did one of those mystery not-starts so it was a Kennedy-Kritcher finish.

Looking ahead to next February’s AZOT International race, these first-race guys said no doubt Motoland will offer both excitement and challenges for other OTMX clubs coming to Arizona for some sun and fun.

As to the “get your money’s worth” crew, by the AZOT Race 9, Brian Sharp had already done his usual “choose all age options” and completed Race 2 (40+ Vet A), Race 4 (60+ Super Senior), and Race 6 (+50 Senior). Not to be outdone, Troy Lang and William Stevens both double classed and joined the “testing out Motoland” award. Brian wrapped up his day with Race 11 and the +30 Vet A youngsters.

We had the pleasure of seeing young Roman Guiterrez compete on his big bike in the 125/250 D Beginner Class. His family and AZOT friends enjoyed watching Roman show his increased skills and the smooth handling of his trusty big bike. So good to see such a dedicated, hard-working young man doing well with both motocross and school – way to go, Roman.

Quite the weekend! Without a doubt, double-headers are not for the faint of heart. With next week’s last-race-ever at Canyon on the agenda, let’s see who recuperates fastest!

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