Race Recap - Fall Series #9 - ACP

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Race Recap - Fall Series #9 - ACP

ACP on Saturday, December 11:

Great turnout for the last race of the Fall Series – total of 36 AZOT racers! We had 5 Master, 9 Expert (way to go, guys … we called and you showed up), 14 Intermediate and 8 Novice. Despite several frustrating challenges – racing a last-minute borrowed bike due to a serious engine problem, scouting for a missing lever, a couple of broken spokes, pushing an ankle injury - they all made it to their gates. Then no major injuries, just a few ego tweaks with sliding out, getting hung up in the gate, dirt sampling over a jump, etc. No names here – what happens on the track, stays on the track … yeah, sure!!

AZOTMX’ers are a determined bunch – the majority of racers came from all over the valley, but we had one from Dewey, one from Cottonwood, two from Yuma, two from Tucson, one from Las Vegas and one from Colorado, and (of course) our Calgary, AB refugee who is here for the winter. Now that’s some determination!

Race 8 had hard fought battles in both Master and Expert classes. First 3 master positions changed in Moto 2 with the final result of David O’riordan (#310) first, Brian Sharp (#54) in 2nd, and Ryan Pedigo (#328 or #200 for the day) on a borrowed bike in 3rd. It was great to see Jayson Crotteau (#23) back on a bike!

The big Expert class saw so much action and close position changes, it was almost impossible to keep track of who was in what position until the checkered flag and a posted scoresheet. In Moto 2, almost every racer had a different finishing position; of course Brian Perry Jr (#14) had his usual 1 – 1. Lots of intense pursuit and passing with those nine guys! Check out the Results sheets for the who and where.

Race 13 continued the theme of intense competition, lots of jockeying for position, but a couple of glaring consistencies. Intermediate had Austin Stewart (#78) and David Kennedy (#270) battling for 1 – 2 then 2 – 1. Giving them a run for their money in Moto 1 was Kurk Quinn (#52) and Jim Somerville (#51j), then Quinn and Jasmine Phillips (#28) in Moto 2. It was a 3-Kennedy day with Tim (#251) and Dave (#251x) on the K-blue bikes – Tim came all the way from Las Vegas – again. Big Kudos and welcome-back to Pam Edgerton (#129) returning from Colorado to again race with her favorite OTMX bunch. Are we on your calendar for 2022, Pam?

The “no surprise” in Novice class was Brian Perry Sr (#300) taking a solid 1 – 1. That class had the same hot racing action, with everyone changing positions from Moto 1 to Moto 2. If you missed seeing Steve Richardson (#27) blast out for the hole-shot, closely chased by David Brown (#114) and Tim Wilson (#511), take a peak at the 1st turn photo for the Novice.

Several AZOT Iron-Men double, triple and quadruple classed - a big shout-out to:

  • Eric Maass (#520) – Vet 50 Expert
  • Kurt Quinn (#52) – Vet 50 Novice
  • Scott Boek (#66) – Vet 60 Open
  • Albert Toscano (#117) – Big Bike Open
  • Austin Stewart (#78) – Vet 30 Novice and Vet 40 Novice
  • Brian Sharp (#54) - again finishing FOUR races, taking 1st in Vet 50 Expert, Vet 60 Open and an easy solo in Vet 40 Expert.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, uninjured New Year!!

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  • Scott Boek

    Great job on the race re-cap of our last race of the year. Appreciate the kudos for thos of us who do the Double, lol, or Triple, or Quad class 😁👍

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