Race Recap - Fall Series #9 - ACP

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Race Recap - Fall Series #9 - ACP

Saturday, December 10 at ACP – last ACP Race of Fall Series

What a perfect day for a race and a terrific track! Thanks to the rain earlier this week, the deep natural watering and careful track prep, we could not have asked for better track conditions! Add 22 eager AZOT racers – and several who decided to maximize the opportunity with extra classes. More about that later.

AZOT’s Race 10 - With all four classes on the track, it was Gate 1 for Master and Expert, then Gate 2 for Intermediate and Novice. Master class was Shane Criswell #382 and Brian Sharp #54 – so you know it’s going to be a great show. Both of those guys always seek the best competition in every moto and then push hard. Finish was Criswell – Sharp both motos, as they really gave the Experts some fun times opportunities.

With Experts going off the gate with Masters, it was another chance for Experts to push their abilities ……. and push they did. At the first turn in moto one, it was a tight grouping of Troy Lang #61m, Criswell, Sharp and Brian Bartlett #311, with Jeff Neil #40, Alberto Toscano #117, Eric Maass #520 and new member Todd Jarman #259p right behind them. Going to the first tabletop Bartlett had just nudged past Sharp. At the scoring booth corner, Criswell decided to go for his usual clear view ahead and started pushing harder on Lang. Check out the Media section to see a few photos of the start.

After one lap, it was Criswell just ahead of Lang, with Bartlett, Sharp and now Jarman jockeying for position. Neil, Toscano and Maass were close behind. It became a parade of Criswell, Lang and Bartlett, with Jarman also having worked up into the tight front group. Jarman then got past Bartlett and was on the chase for Criswell – a high expectation. Given the speed of the Masters, it wasn’t long before they were lapping the Novice and then working onto the Intermediates. First moto finish for Experts was new guy Jarman, Lang, Bartlett, Toscano, Maass, Neil. Excitement start to finish!

Gate 2 had the eleven Intermediate and three Novice off the gate together. Some new bikes and some not seen for a long time were on the line - there was excitement and some mystery for the start. Welcome to Jason Holub #105 and Matthew Judd #219x, and a big “welcome back” to Foggia #95f. At the first corner it was Rick Lambrecht#39, Holub, Steve Somerville #41s, Judd, Bo Speichert #219, Tim Kennedy #251, William Stevens #860, Foggia, Dave Kennedy #135, Pam Edgerton #129, Ed Hession #171, Larry Thurman #130, Mike Faos #514 and Gary Kritcher #48k. Got some photos in the Media section of that parade also.

Judd and Speichert got past Somerville; while Holub, Stevens and Edgerton made some passes and swaps - and the lineup of the 11 Intermediates kept changing. There were plenty of battles, the most obvious being for first place. Lambrecht had bolted out in front of Holub with Somerville, Judd and Speichert close behind. Holub then got past Lambrecht and Speichert worked his way up behind Holub. That became the closest two-person race, and finally Speichert got in front of Holub for the win.

Novice class had a few very familiar faces/bikes. Dave Kennedy made a fast start, wedging in with the Intermediates, but it was a short-lived enjoyment – sorry Dave. The Novice race was a Faso / Kritcher to the end.

Second moto for Masters and Experts and new-guy Jarman was feeling at home with the Experts. They all jammed into the first corner – Lang ran out of room in the turn and went down. Jarman and Sharp managed to stay upright. Heading down toward the scoring tower turn it was Criswell, Neil, Sharp, Maas, Jarman, Bartlett, with Lang making a quick get-up and Toscano having recovered from a start gap.

Jarman saw an opportunity and got past Sharp; Bartlett worked his way in front of Mass and then Neil. Lang and Maas had a few “almost” exchanges while Toscano gained positions. The Experts got some experience with lapping through the Intermediates. Expert finish was Jarman, Bartlett, Lang, Toscano, Neil and Maass – great racing by all these guys. Always the showman, Criswell was heard doing some “coaching” and observing as he passed lappers – having a good time while keeping his first place.

Changes in the Intermediate start - this time Stevens got out well in front, followed by Lambrecht, Holub, Somerville, Speichert, Judd, Hession, Thurman, Edgerton, Kennedy, Foggia, and Novices Faso and Kritcher.

Speichert gained a spot in the turn by the tower and the race for first place was on. It was hard to follow all the passes and changes with the 11 Intermediates. Hession moved up on Judd on a table jump, as Edgerton was pushing Thurman, with Kennedy right behind her. Holub managed to get past Lambrecht, as Sommerville held off Thurman and Edgerton.

Stevens was strong behind Holub as they chased Speichert, setting a hard to follow pace. Edgerton got past Thurman and they edged out Somerville before the finish. Checkered flag saw Speichert, Holub, Stevens, Judd, Hession, Lambrecht, Edgerton, Thurman, Somerville, Kennedy and Foggia. Speichert got a taste of lapping just before the finish flag … indicator of things to come?

Faso and Kritcher were 1/2 for a couple of laps then Kritcher took the lead on a favorite table top, keeping 1st place for the finish. Now about that “coaching”.

No surprise – Brian Sharp again had a full day of racing lined up. Race 5 Vet 40+ Expert, then Race 8 Vet 25+ Open (yes, we said 25+), Club Race 10, then Race 14 Vet 60+ Open, Race 16 Vet 50+ Expert Word has it that his secret may be PBJ?

Sharp’s not the only one who enjoyed more track time. Race 12 had Todd Jarman #259p in the Vet 30+ C class. Then on to Race 16, the where a lot of AZOT’s lined up. The Vet 50+ B had William Stevens #860, Jason Holub #105 and Ed Hession #171, while the Vet 50+ Expert had Troy Lang #61m, Erick Maas #520 and, again, Brian Sharp #54.

Great day for our last race at ACP for the Fall Series. Next race, the last one of the Fall Series at Motoland on Sunday, December 18. Maybe a Christmas present for a few who can get enough races in to qualify and some who have an opportunity to move into or up in the Top Ten for 2023 position!

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