Carl Smith (Intermediate)

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Carl Smith (Intermediate)

Name: Carl Smith
AZOT Class Intermediate
Bike Brand & #

Husqvarna and Yamaha #317

Years Riding MX 44 years
Favorite Track of All Time Antler Lake in Edmonton, AB
Favorite Local Track ACP Vet X - best old guy track left
Other Family Racers None
Found Out About AZOT I raced night series at Canyon and Zach recommended I join AZOT.
Years With AZOT 24
Like Most About AZOT It's like a 2nd family.
Motocross Goals To have fun and to not get hurt.
Favorite Motocross Pro Roger DeCoster but it's currently Jett Lawrence because he is amazing.
Other Hobbies Hiking, restoring my Datsun 280Z.


Carl got started in motocross because he had some high school buddies that rode and they invited him to go out to AZ Desert Raceways to race when he was 16 years old.  He only raced a few times in his teen years because of his job but liked to go out to the track and take photos. He enjoys the comradery of the club and feels like it’s his 2nd family. He also likes it because it gives him an incentive to stay in shape. 

Carl has raced in over 30+ of the IOTMX races and his favorite memory is that he rode in all of the IOTMX International races during 2019and won the 60 Novice championship.

When I asked Carl how competitive he is when it comes to motocross racing….he told me he was a 3 because he enjoys dicing with someone but it doesn’t matter whether its 1st place or last place.

Carl’s favorite motocross memory of all time is in 2019 at the Washington Int’l race at the Horn Rapids track because he worked his way up to win 4 different motos. 

The 3rd photo is Carl on the #41 bike and his good friend behind him on the Kawasaki is Dan Fleming Sr. They used to have some great battles and that bike in the picture always got him the best hole shots.

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