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Name: Brian Perry Jr. AZOT Class Master Bike Brand & # Honda CRF 450R, #14 Years Riding MX 33 Favorite Track of All Time AZOP Payson Grand Prix Favorite Local Track ACP since it is close to home and it's a safe and fast track. Other Family Racers Dad, Travis Nelson, Mike Villegas, and Kalani Nelson Found Out About AZOT Years With AZOT 3 Like Most About AZOT Everyone is like family and very welcoming. It's also a safe environment and healthy, fun competition. Motocross Goals Win a championship, beat Mike & win a jacket. Favorite Motocross Pro Brian Perry...

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Name: Chuck Johnson AZOT Class Intermediate Bike Brand & # KTM 350 - #72 Years Riding MX 53 years Favorite Track of All Time Kin Caid MX - Anchorage, AK Favorite Local Track Motoland - it's close to home and for my age, it's a good training track with not so many jumps. Other Family Racers Uncle Wayne Found Out About AZOT I was practicing at Speedworld in 2007 and I had heard about the AZOT guys so I joined them when I could. Years With AZOT 6 years total Like Most About AZOT Most of the guys are from...

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