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Honorary Mention Tim Wilson - AZOT #511US Marine Corp1991 thru 2016 Tim Keuvelaar - AZOT #53Commander in Navy/Navy ReservesNaval Aviator: Flew A-4, T2C, and the T-45A1986 thru 2012 Gary Kritcher - AZOT #48kNavy / Naval Aviation1965 thru 1970Father in Navy, Brothers in Army & Air Force Michael Faso - AZOT #514US Marine Corps1993 thru 2014 Ron Ryer - AZOT #357US Arm - 176th Aviation Company1965 thru 1967Father serviced in the Army TR Smith - AZOT #911US Navy1986 thru 1990 Alberto Toscano - AZOT #117Sergeant Major in the US Marine Corp1992 thru 2020Son is Corporal Noah in the US Marine Corp...

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