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2023, July, ROTM, Spotlight Rider - Posted on

Name: Larry Thurman AZOT Class Intermediate Bike Brand & # Honda & Suzuki Years Riding MX 6 years Favorite Track of All Time Cahuilla Creek Favorite Local Track Motoland because we can practice every weekend. Other Family Racers Wife & Daughter Barrel Race Found Out About AZOT Bryan Bartlett Years With AZOT 6 years Like Most About AZOT Having fun with peers and keeping each other competitive. Motocross Goals To be faster than Chuck. Favorite Motocross Pro James Stewart Other Hobbies Rodeo   Larry actually did Desert Racing all over Arizona before he started Motocross but joined the AZOT Motocross...

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2022, July, Spotlight Rider - Posted on

BIKE BRAND & # Honda CRF- 450 - #300 YEARS RIDING MOTOCROSS Off & on for 40 years FAVORITE TRACK OF ALL TIME Sarival track back in the 2000’s FAVORITE LOCAL TRACK & WHY ACP is closer but I enjoy Canyon too OTHER FAMILY RACERS Son & Son-in-law but a brother will be joining soon FOUND OUT ABOUT AZOT Popped up on my Facebook page YEARS WITH AZOT 1 year LIKE MOST ABOUT AZOT The friendliness OFF the track & competitiveness ON the track MOTOCROSS GOALS To win the most races he can & to have fun doing it FAVORITE MOTOCROSS PRO...

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