Charles "Chuck" Johnson (Intermediate)

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Charles "Chuck" Johnson (Intermediate)

Name: Chuck Johnson
AZOT Class Intermediate
Bike Brand & #

KTM 350 - #72

Years Riding MX 53 years
Favorite Track of All Time Kin Caid MX - Anchorage, AK
Favorite Local Track Motoland - it's close to home and for my age, it's a good training track with not so many jumps.
Other Family Racers Uncle Wayne
Found Out About AZOT I was practicing at Speedworld in 2007 and I had heard about the AZOT guys so I joined them when I could.
Years With AZOT 6 years total
Like Most About AZOT Most of the guys are from my generation and we have a lot of things in common. I've also met a lot of people that have become really good friends. AZOT is like a huge family.
Motocross Goals To be competitive with the guys racing in my age bracket.
Favorite Motocross Pro Marty Smith
Other Hobbies Jet skiing, boating, bowling, glamping, drag races, tinkering in my garage, and listening to music.


Chuck was 10 years old when he started riding Motocross. A guy that they called Uncle Wayne was riding motocross in Cali at a place called Indian doons where they raced and he was hooked once he saw all the bikes.

He used to like the adrenaline of beating other people when he first started racing but now he actually likes the camaraderie of racing with other people.

Chuck has raced in 5 of the OT Internationals. His favorite memory from an OT International race happened in SoCal Glen Helen in 2022 where he got 2 different hole shots so he won the $75 hole shot award.

When I asked Chuck how competitive he is when it comes to racing…he said he was a 8 because he still likes to win but doesn’t want to get in over his head.

His favorite MOTO memory was in 1989 at the Kincaid MX Park in Anchorage, Alaska where he won a 1st place & a 4th place which gave him the overall in his class.

The 3rd picture in this article is Chuck back in 2018 when he decided to get back on his bike after a 10 year absence and raced with AZOT for the first time.

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