David O'Riordan (Master)

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David O'Riordan (Master)

Name: David O'Riordan
AZOT Class Master
Bike Brand & #

Suzuki RMZ450 #310

Years Riding MX 36 Years
Favorite Track of All Time I love to race at the 212 Land track in CA. It has the best dirt of any track I have rode on and the hills are challenging yet do-able.
Favorite Local Track Canyon: It flows nice and I like the elevation change.
Found Out About AZOT I'm pretty sure it was Jason Crotteau
Years With AZOT 3 years now
Like Most About AZOT The friendly competitiveness on the track. All the members are so nice and willing to help anyone out. It's a fun group of people to hang out with. Although I feel I'm stuck in a meta verse between being a mini dad and an AZOT member!
Motocross Goals 50+ at Loretta Lynn's
Favorite Motocross Pro Marty Smith & Rick Johnson
Other Hobbies There are other hobbies?

David’s uncles got him started racing motocross when he was 11 years old which was a little older than most kids are when they start racing but it didn’t take him long to get caught up with other kids his age. He loves feeling the adrenaline rush when he competes & enjoys the family atmosphere.

David and both of his little boys currently race motocross and his wife is planning to start racing next year too so the whole family will be involved in AZOT soon.

He was actually trained by Marty Smith at one time during his career and one of his favorite memories was when Marty introduced him to Rick Johnson who happened to be the #1 Professional Motocross rider at that time.

David has participated in the last couple of International AZOT races here in Arizona. The wind was blowing really hard the first time so he remembers being quite miserable but the second International race he was in was amazing.

His competitiveness level now that he has gotten older is an 8.5 but he used to be a 15 in his prime.

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