Eddie Sherman (Intermediate)

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Eddie Sherman (Intermediate)

Name: Eddie Sherman
AZOT Class Intermediate
Bike Brand & #

Honda CRF450R, #719

Years Riding MX 7ish - I mostly rode Arenacross at the fairgrounds when I was young.
Favorite Track of All Time Big Air (Newaygo, Michigan)
Favorite Local Track Motoland is my favorite local track mostly because it is closer to home and the Swarick's who own the track are nice folks and very welcoming to us.
Other Family Racers My brother used to race with me when we were younger, and hopefully my wife in the near future.
Years With AZOT 1.5 years
Like Most About AZOT The people we ride with have become more like family to us who we enjoy on and off the track.
Motocross Goals To become a faster, but safer rider who can still go to work on Monday.
Favorite Motocross Pro Travis Pastrana was by far my all-time favorite.
Other Hobbies Random road trips with my wife where we flip a coin to see what direction to go next and working out. Hiking, mountain biking, shooting guns/hunting, collection old Coleman lanterns.

Eddie started riding Arenacross when he was 14 and he rode until he was 20 because he prioritized college & law enforcement over riding dirt bikes. But 3 years ago, he had weight loss surgery, and he went from 350# down to 200# and he made it a goal that if he was to lose enough weight that he would like to try riding dirt bikes again and he succeeded. He was at ACP and noticed the AZOT club and decided he was interested so he went online after 2 personal races and joined the club.

The things he enjoys the most about motocross is the escape & stress relief that he gets from every-day life but getting a hole shot in 1 of his races isn’t too bad either!

I asked Eddie if his bike number had any significance and the reason he picked #719 is because it is his Mom’s birthday so he did it in memory of her.

He has raced in the 2023 AZOT International races in the 30+ intermediate class and unfortunately, he was the only one in that race. His favorite memory of the AZOT Int’l was that a lot of his family came to watch him, so it was really nice for all of them to be together.

When I asked Eddie how competitive he is when it comes to racing motocross, he said he was a 6 because he wants to win but he also remembers what it was like to tear his ACL so it’s more so just to have fun & the adrenaline.

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