Gary Kritcher (Novice)

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Gary Kritcher (Novice)

Name: Gary Kritcher
AZOT Class Novice
Bike Brand & #

KTM #48k

Years Riding MX Over 50 years
Favorite Track of All Time Baja Acres in Michigan because the hills flew him 40' in the air.z
Favorite Local Track Canyon - he won his 1st International race there
Other Family Racers Wife - Maggie
Found Out About AZOT Barry Hale, he was the 1st President/Founder of AZOTMX in 2000
Years With AZOT 10+
Like Most About AZOT Helping others become the best that they can be.
Motocross Goals Stay healthy so he can live long and prosper.
Favorite Motocross Pro Bob Hannah
Other Hobbies Guns, airplanes, archery, welding, metal working, helping people, and doing whatever my wife tells me.


Gary started racing motocross back in Michigan in his early 20's.  He liked going to all types of race tracks because each one offered him a different set of challenges. Some of the tracks were on farmland, some were sand tracks and of course some were dirt tracks.

He really enjoys the competition in motocross and enjoys the challenges of racing at several different tracks. He constantly tries to improve even though he’s getting up there in age & has had some close calls like the time he went over a really big hill that flew him about 40 feet in the air… and while he was up there he remembers asking himself “WHAT AM I DOING HERE”.  Luckily, the sand track ended up absorbing all of the energy when he landed so he didn’t get hurt.

Gary races in most of the International races that the AZOT organization offers. One of his favorite things about racing Internationally is being able to race against the local riders that are already familiar with the track when he’s not and sometimes he even wins! And despite of Gary’s age…he has an extremely large collection of trophies & International jackets.

When I asked Gary how competitive he is on the track….he said he is about a 7. He uses his head and tries not to get hurt…but when the white flag comes out then all bets are off. Even though most racers lap time gets slower towards the end of the race…Gary keeps his lap times consistent especially for an old guy.  

His favorite motocross memory was back in 1985 when some of his Michigan buddies that were in their 20’s asked Gary that was in his late 30’s to go to an Atlanta Supercross race. The race track gave amateur riders a chance to race on the track and Gary was the only one that ended up qualifying.

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