Mike Corral (Novice)

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Mike Corral (Novice)

Name: Mike Corral
AZOT Class Novice
Bike Brand & #

Yamaha 450F & #283

Years Riding MX 5
Favorite Track of All Time Leadville Motocross Park, Leadville, CO
Favorite Local Track My ranch because its home & I feel blessed to have it.
Other Family Racers My son, Javid
Found Out About AZOT Met Mike and Kat Faso at Motoland
Years With AZOT 4
Like Most About AZOT Comradery...its such a great group of people to be around.
Motocross Goals Get better but don't get hurt. Ride until I'm at least 80.
Favorite Motocross Pro Eli Tomac #3...isn't he everybody's?
Other Hobbies Snow skiing and water skiing

Mike was 8-10 years old in Northern California when he started riding motocross. He saw a bunch of pictures of riders flying thru the air & knew that he wanted to do that too.

He likes the freedom of riding with nothing around him while he’s gripping the bike and going fast.

Mike raced the 2023 AZOT International race at Motoland where he won his first moto and received his first trophy ever.

When I asked Mike how competitive he is when it comes to racing, he said he was an 8 because he doesn’t want to hurt himself or others just to win a piece of plastic.

The reason Mike chose the #283 for his bike is because his Mother passed away on March 28th. Unfortunately, someone else already had the #328 so he decided to do #283 which is European style.

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