Pam Edgerton (Intermediate)

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Pam Edgerton (Intermediate)

Name: Pam Edgerton
AZOT Class Intermediate
Bike Brand & #

Husqvarna #129

Years Riding MX 39
Favorite Track of All Time Probably Mammoth but have only been able to ride there once.
Favorite Local Track Canyon was my favorite, R.I.P. It was just the right combination of challenging, but not dangerous.
Other Family Racers My sons, Damien and Reece, but they have been in the Army for 9 years.
Found Out About AZOT Saw them at the tracks at 35, but had to wait to 40 to join.
Years With AZOT 19 give or take
Like Most About AZOT Nobody is out to win at all costs or stuff you in a corner to pass. It's competitive (for old farts) but we all pretty much like each other.
Motocross Goals Learn how to "corner" and ride ruts.
Favorite Motocross Pro Greg Albertyn, Johnny O'Mara, David Pingree, Chris Blose, Jimmy B.
Other Hobbies Watching my daughter compete in Highland Games. Golf, intermittently. Board games, movies.


Pam bought herself a 125cc motocross bike when she was 19 and started Desert racing with ADRA for a year but she went a motocross track a few years later and never cared for Desert racing again.

She enjoys the jumps the most while motocross racing…she excels at those because it doesn’t take as much skill as the other things on the track.

Pam has raced in several of the OT International races over the years but her favorite trip was when she went to Washougal and then visited British Columbia the following weekend. Her favorite Arizona OT International race was 2-3 years ago because it was a great competitive race where she could have actually won if not for her stalling her bike so she only ended up with a 3rd overall.

When I asked Pam how competitive she is in racing…she said she was an 8.5 because she is extremely competitive in everything she does.

Her favorite Moto memory of all time was in January of 2021 which was her last race at Canyon before she moved to Colorado because the Old Timers threw her a surprise “goodbye” party complete with a plaque and a buffet and there was even cake!

The 3rd photo above is Pam with her twin boys Damien & Reece and her daughter Alyssa. Her boys are currently serving in the Army and most of you Old-Old Timers will remember them.

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