Mark McGinnis (40+ Intermediate)

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Mark McGinnis (40+ Intermediate)

Name: Mark McGinnis
Age: 45
Class: AZOT Intermediate
Bike Number: 675
Hometown: Maricopa, AZ
Favorite Track: Budds Creek
Favorite Local Track: Arizona Cycle Park
Rivals: Larry "the Destroyer" Thurman and Chuck "Dance Moves" Johnson
What do you like most about AZOT? I love the camaraderie among the club members. We all want to compete but in the spirit of having a good time!
Other Hobbies: Golf, Softball, and anything active and competitive.
Favorite Moto Memory: Winning a moto and getting 1st overall in my first year with AZOT. All my years of racing I've had top fives but never actually won a moto or overall before.
Goals for this year: Defend my +40 overall at the AZ International, and race inside the top 5 all season.
Funny moto story: I don't know if its funny or embarrassing, but at one of the Loretta Lynn Regionals, I forgot all of my gear and had to borrow someone else's. It had their name on the back of the jersey, so the announcers were calling me by my name that was written down, but would get confused when I went by and they saw the other persons name on my jersey!


  • Rick Lambrecht

    Who’s that model standing by the new Husky?
    Cool write up Mark. Hope to rub some elbows with you this season in the name of good fun.

  • Eric Gaston

    How do I get this Stud’s autograph?

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