Ron March (Novice)

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Ron March (Novice)

Name: Ron March
AZOT Class Novice
Bike Brand & #

Husqvarna #200

Years Riding MX 47 years
Favorite Track of All Time Mammoth, Carlsbad, Washougal
Favorite Local Track ACP, because it feels like home.
Other Family Racers None right now, but he's working on his girlfriend.
Found Out About AZOT
Years With AZOT 16
Like Most About AZOT The people. I like that we all look out for each other. We race each other hard, but respectful.
Motocross Goals Always try to get better and race more.
Favorite Motocross Pro Back in the day, Marty Smith, Bob Hannah, Marty Tripes. Current, Eli Tomac and Jett Lawrence
Other Hobbies Mountain Biking, Skiing, Shooting Trap & Sporting Clays once and awhile.


Ron was 18 years old when he started racing MX and Desert in the SoCal area until 1993. Then he moved around the country for a bit doing a race here & there.

What he enjoys most about motocross is the people, the speed & especially enjoys that it’s a challenge to him.

Ron’s Uncle was in the Oregon chapter of IOTMX so Ron joined the AZOT chapter in 2007 and has been racing MX or off-road stuff ever since.

He has raced in 12 of the OT International races and his favorite memory was back in 2017 when he won the 60+ novice IOTMX championship.

When I asked Ron how competitive he is on the race track, he said he was mostly a 5 now but if he races against certain people then he’s more like a 9.

Giving Marty Moates the checkered flag at the 1980 Carlsbad USGP. He was the first American to win the Carlsbad USGP which was a huge deal back then (see picture 4)

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