Ron Ryer (70+ Novice)

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Ron Ryer (70+ Novice)

Name: Ron Ryer
Age: 76
Class: AZOT Novice
Bike Number: 357
Hometown: I was born in Phoenix, AZ. The family moved to the coastal city of San Clemente, CA when I was a youngster. That's where I grew up, so I would call San Clemente my hometown.
Favorite Track: That would be Cahuilla in SoCal in the Anza valley above Temecula, CA. Great layout, wide, dirt doesn't stick to your bike, great pit for overnight parking. Great environment. Oh yea, there's a casino just down the road.
Favorite Local Track: Canyon MX. I like their layout. Its long and wide.
Rivals: Mike Faso, Gary "the Crusher" Kritcher, and the new guy, Tim "Wide Open" Wilson
What do you like most about AZOT? The camaraderie, friendly atmosphere, and the grub during and after the races.
Other Hobbies: I compete in tennis at the club and Senior State Events. Mountain Biking. Used to surf back in the day, no waves in Arizona.
Favorite Moto Memory: Winning the number 1 SoCal OTMX overall plate. It came down to the last race of the season at, now closed down, Competitive Edge off of 395 in Adalanto, CA. Won that race and the overall by 5 to 7 points, I think.
Goals for this year: Keep the rubber side down!
Funny moto story: I don't know if its funny or not, but during the points chase for that #1 plate, I had to race with a tube and bag taped to my back due to just having Melanoma cancer removed. Had to stay in the points race. Crazy Eh!
Could you beat Mike Faso in an arm wrestling contest? Not while he is El Presidente. Holds to much juice with the race director, Carl Smith.
Weapon of choice: 2015 KTM 350AZ-F


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  • Timothy Wilson

    so much respect for this guy !!

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