Shane Criswell (Master)

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Shane Criswell (Master)

Name: Shane Criswell
AZOT Class Master
Bike Brand & #

Husqvarna FC450 #381

Years Riding MX Combined 4 years
Favorite Track of All Time Spring Creek
Favorite Local Track Motoland
Found Out About AZOT October 2021
Years With AZOT 1
Like Most About AZOT The people
Motocross Goals Racing safe and uninjured
Favorite Motocross Pro Justin Barcia
Other Hobbies Mountain biking, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding


Shane Criswell received a toy motocross bike for his 8th birthday and he kept imagining all the things he could do on the dirt bike. Soon after that his Dad bought him a real dirt bike and he learned how to ride it pretty good. He lived in Florida in the late 90’s so he had the opportunity to go to several of the National Supercross races to watch his favorite riders Ricky Carmichael & Jeremy McGrath.

In 2006, he decided to follow in Ricky Carmichael’s footsteps and started doing a lot of “freestyle” on his bike but ended up breaking his back a year later and ended up taking a long break after that. Then in 2016…he decided to buy a new dirt bike again to start racing for fun & to get in shape and has been racing motocross ever since.

His favorite things about motocross are going over big jumps & especially going fast. He gets excited every time he sees a motocross track because they make him want to jump everything in sight.

He has only raced one International race and that was the AZOT International race in 2021 at the Canyon race track. He remembers thinking that 20 minutes is a real long time to race so he decided to conserve his energy at the beginning of the race so everyone get ahead of him. His favorite memory is when he was able to catch everyone and end up winning the race.

When I asked Shane how competitive he thinks he is….he said he was a 9 because he really hates not winning. But if he does end up losing…he always makes sure he figures out why he lost and does what it takes to fix it.

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