Troy Lang (Expert)

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Troy Lang (Expert)

Name: Troy Lang
AZOT Class Expert
Bike Brand & #

Yamaha/Kawasaki #61m

Years Riding MX 34
Favorite Track of All Time Spring Creek Millville, MN
Favorite Local Track Motoland because the occasional changes make it challenging
Other Family Racers Both daughters are barrel racers
Found Out About AZOT Saw the class a few years back and said "Hell ya!"
Years With AZOT 2
Like Most About AZOT The guys and their families
Motocross Goals Just to keep enjoying the sport
Favorite Motocross Pro Current it's Roczen, but all-time is McGrath
Other Hobbies Messing with old rides

 Troy knew he wanted to race Motocross back when he was 17 years old but his Ma told him that he could not buy a dirt bike until he moved out. So after graduation he enlisted in the Air Force and in 1987 he moved in with his buddy and got his first bike which was a sweet 85 Kawasaki 125 2 stroker.

He enjoys having a Moto-family most about Motocross.

The only OT International race that Troy has rode in was earlier this year in February 2023 and the 2nd day got rained out but he enjoyed meeting all the folks.

When I asked Troy how competitive he is on the track he told me I should ask Austin because he’s a little bit of a freak when it comes to twisting the throttle and that he has rode over his head on more than 1 occasion.

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